Telecommunications is one of the most important infrastructure components we have in rural Alaska. It helps provide high quality health care to our people, distance education to our youth, and global commerce opportunities to all of us.

In the past few years, telecommunication advancement has exploded in rural Alaska. Prices have gone down, new technologies have been implemented and people are better off. The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) helped make that happen.

The RCA has always protected consumers and deftly implemented complex regulatory principles that directly benefit our communities.

Maniilaq Association, Inc. (Maniilaq) strongly encourages the extension of the RCA for four years without any special amendments. Maniilaq believes that important consumer protections and benefits will be lost if the RCA is held hostage to special interest amendments.

Maniilaq wants health, education and commerce opportunities to grow in our region. A healthy RCA helps foster that.