From: AARP Alaska

Right now the major telephone companies are having a war, trying to get the Legislature to add amendments to Senate Bill 72 that will be favorable to their company.

AARP believes all these issues belong before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. The Legislature should not engage in "telephone wars." Let the RCA decide what is best for Alaska consumers.

AARP believes that all Alaskans must be able to rely on the availability of safe, affordable and high quality energy and telecommunications services.

The RCA is the only state agency with the authority to protect residential consumers in these ever-changing and often volatile utility markets.

Utility services are critical to the quality of life of all Alaskans-of all ages.

As a percentage of their monthly budget, many older persons spend 3 to 4 times as much on utilities than the average household.

We need the RCA; all consumers do.